KachingFund Offers the Best Packages for Investment!

”The right investment can take you to places you never imagined!”

That’s what KachingFund does when you invest with them.

It is an ecosystem that helps you capitalise wisely. The company enables higher returns that can aid your future security.

You don’t need to worry anymore about the investment opportunities that operate on a third party basis. Since KachingFund operates on an online and decentralised platform, there is no third party influence in the transaction procedure anywhere.


Packages that KachingFund offers

Three primary packages are a favourite among their customers. These are – silver, gold, and platinum.


  • Silver package –


The investment in this package ranges from $100 to $9999. The daily return here is 1.5% with a daily capping of $2500.


  • Gold package –


You can invest any amount between $10000 and $49999 to avail the gold package. It’s the most popular of all the packages available. They offer an ROI of 1.75%, thus ensuring higher returns.


  • Platinum package –


You can invest an amount of $50000 or anything above that under this package. Hence, there’s significant flexibility in their finance capitalising procedure. Also, a high ROI of 2% ensures you get returns that can help you achieve your dreams.

You can see KachingFund has a variety of options available for the customers to invest sensibly and judiciously.

How does the KachingFund operate?

KachingFund operates on blockchain technology, an investment ecosystem that is first of its kind in the market of finance. This index fund service company uses artificial intelligence along with machine learning technologies to come up with the best financial advice for its potential customers.

What is blockchain technology, you ask?

It’s a digital technique of recording, tracking, and validating transactions related to cryptocurrencies. It enables a more transparent working of the system that KachingFund follows. KachingFund is using it to provide secure and instant financing advice.

The technology also enables users to come up with newer products and services. Hence, more and more financial companies are starting to use it invariably.

With the help of blockchain technology along with other innovations of artificial intelligence, the company has served more than 100,000,000 shareholders. Also, they have a market value of 20 trillion dollars. They achieved all these with the sheer hard work and commitment of its finance team, which consists of members like business and share traders,  analysts, project managers, fund managers, etc.

Therefore, KachingFund can never let your money go to waste with their smart investment instruments!

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