Incandescent Vs Infrared Trail Cameras

When you consider trail cameras for your hunting expedition you will probably get confused about which one between incandescent and infrared cameras are better. While you consider the options, keep it in mind that both these cameras have their unique advantages and disadvantages. There has always been a huge debate about the two types of cameras especially when you look at them from an objective point of view. The debate can go on and on but according to most trail camera reviews there are just so many features which are either advantageous or disadvantageous to make these cameras different.

In almost all the trail camera

Infrared Flash Cameras – These use fairly recent technology to capture images. Trail camera reviews show numerous features about these cameras. They are known to capture black and white images mostly at night. However their day and night images are relatively color with other cameras just producing black and white. They have a relatively weak resolution and quality of pictures especially at night. These cameras also require very little charge to work so their batteries are also long lasting when used well. On the bright side they have a faster trigger time generally but sometimes produce blurry images. Because they have no flash, they will not draw attention of the target or humans once they are set up. You will therefore get the best shots because infrared doesn’t deter animals from getting into your area easily. Game will not get spooked by infrared flashes.

Incandescent flash cameras – The cameras have been there for the longest time. They have some of the basic features you need in a camera. They can capture color and full images both during the night and during the day. They have better resolution and therefore produce quality images. For the purposes of charging the flash the cameras require some surge. They consume a great deal of energy compared to infrared cameras so are generally power intensive. It also has a slower trigger time than infrared cameras. In almost all the trail camera reviews, these cameras are diminished because they spook game when they produce flash. Their ability to flash strong and sharp light also makes them have a lower battery life. They can scare or deter an animal from entering your camera area easily. Once they make flashes humans around will get attracted and they might just steal your camera.

Trail camera reviews rate infrared cameras better compared to their incandescent counterparts. This is because they don’t spook game and the main reason for setting up a camera is to record game. Moreover, standard flashes tape up great amount of power so your battery life will be shortened. In just one shat an infrared trail camera will draw between 25 and 30 milliamps whereas incandescent cameras will draw more than 1 amp. Slow trigger time also requires more energy. There are just so many advantages of infrared cameras. Sometimes it just comes to your choice. If you will be focusing one daytime images then you can go for incandescent cameras but if not then go for infrared cameras for your hunting expeditions.


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Forskolin has been said to aid in loosing weight. It also needs you to have the right diet as well as exercise as it won’t do it on its own. It is just a supplement and not a miraculous pill that will automatically lose its own weight. Most people say that the supplement has worked for them giving them the results that they preferred. It has also been medically tested and it was proven to be effective. Researchers worldwide have also researched and found out that it does work and it is safe to use it


There are side effects that come with losing weightas everything always has a side effect. The first one is that you can regain the weight immediately if you don’t maintain your weight by yourself. You have to work really hard and make sure the weight you lost does not come back by eating healthy and exercising all the time. It is also said that sometimes the supplement does not work for some people as bodies are not the same and everyone has a different reaction to the forskolin.

Too much use of this supplement will give you slight headaches and dizziness making you uneasy and restless most of the time. It becomes hard for you to take it everyday as the pains may get worse making it hard to give the desired results. Losing weight becomes really hard due to these side effects that affect the body. There are also the heart diseases. Overweight people normally have heart problems which may be harmful to them as forskolin is believed to worsen the heart condition and the blood vessels making them have to stop using it as it becomes really risky.

Forskolin does not work without using other methods as well and this comes with many side effects like the skin getting irritated due to the high use of this supplement. It affects the skin making it hard for you to exercise so losing weight becomes a real problem.

Most people are said to have flushes and in other cases they may even faint making it impossible to lose the weight that was needed. Others may say that it has worked for them and others may argue and say it is just a myth. Whatever you may think, it is always best to try it for yourself so you can figure out the truth.

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Merits of Blackout Blinds – Efficient Sun Blockers

The reason behind blackout blinds’ popularity is because of their ease of installation. They are also fairly simple and have a good sense of style which will automatically match with your room and please the guests or the occupants at any given time. If you are online then visit and get the right blackout blinds plus the associated information which will see you cut extra light from entering into the room. Most blackout designs are made of plastic or fabric and this is why they match easily with the other components of the room. Moreover, maintenance of black blinds is very simple and easy. You can do this by periodic dusting or you can also use soap and dust cloth to wipe out the dust.


Tips to Choose Blackout blinds


The blackout blinds are the best for children. Most nursery schools will always consider getting these kinds of blinds because they provide that nice and safe environment which will allow a child sleep peacefully. They provide a perfect setting for a nap because of their ability to blackout the entire room. There are the faux wood blinds which can be used for different rooms to blackout the entire room or some parts of the room. Changes in moisture or temperature do not affect the faux wood blinds. This makes them last longer compared to the other types of blinds.


Blackout blinds are very easy to install and are also user friendly because all you have to do is pull the string either up or down depending on how you want it. However, you have o take very good care of them during installation because they are made of fabric. For the bathrooms you can put aluminum of plastic shutters. These blinds help in ensuring that there is a relaxed atmosphere for unwinding because they are capable of cutting out light completely. Http:// has the right blackout blinds that will suit your house or setting just like you want it to. You will need the blinds especially when you want to watch TV because it gives the room a ‘theatre effect’ especially if you have a problem with too much lights.


Prime Reasons for Choosing Blackout Blinds

Most people also use the blackout blinds in their bedrooms especially if they need some privacy. It creates an ideal ambience in the room by blocking the external lights with the help of their thick fabric so you can get your uninterrupted sleep especially if you don’t want people to see through.


Wooden and aluminum blinds are basically sturdy in nature. Blackout blinds can however be customized in different colors such as yellow, red or pink. They can also be made out of aluminum, bamboo, honeycomb shade or natural grass. People who are eco friendly always like the bamboo or natural grass. Http:// has all these makes, materials and even more designs. You should choose what pleases you and make sure it is such that when your walls are deep colored then you blackout blinds are light colored. The vice versa is true.

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  1. Illegal use of the owners property

Problem tenant may use the property for illegal business or commercial business. Terms of a lease agreement stipulate that the rental property should be used for residential purposes. Problem tenants may defy this clause by operating businesses in their rented property such as saloon, consulting services or illegal business such as the sale of narcotics .in such a case, tenant eviction is paramount. The use of a property in an illegal manner is not only a risk to the tenant but the property owner as well since insurance claims due to hazards occurring in the building may be deterred. The tenant is entitled to send a note to quit, after which he can file for eviction.


  1. If the building does not meet health and safety standards.

Health and safety standards is a requirement by the law, the landlord has a justification as such to carry out a tenant eviction if the property does not meet such standards. Notice to quit in this situation is given if the health and safety inadequacies cannot be rectified with the tenants living in the property and they are therefore forced to move out. Notice is issued in advance and some circumstance may necessitate the help of the landlord in relocation.

  1. Insight into the future.

In some case, the landlord may opt to take the property off the market due to some future projects or some related insights into the future regarding the property. In this case, the landlord can offer a notice to quit but it should be 2 years in advance. The landlord can not allow evicting a tenant until their lease has expired.

  1. If the owner requires the property.

Another circumstance that may lead to the landlord tenant eviction is if the owner wants to move into the property or give it to a family member. In such a case, the landlord is to offer an available unit if there is any available to the residing tenant in the premise. Notice to quit should be offered in advance.

  1. Violation of the tenancy agreement

When dealing with problem tenants, notice to quit may be given in case there is a breach to the lease contract agreement. This may include but not limited to pet policy violation, housing other unnamed persons in the property and declining to pay legal rent increase which is done annually. Note to quit may not necessarily be grounds for eviction as the final decision will be made by court and a decision made based on the legitimate claims of the case at hand.

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Tips on finding the best oceanfront hotel at cheap rates

The air-conditioned suites in the beautiful virginia beach hotels cheap offer convenience to the visitors. The suite consists of a bedroom and adjoining bathroom and also a balcony. The bathrooms are exquisite with marble clad walk in monsoon shower, pair of washbasins, and a nice big bathtub. There is also a dressing table with huge wardrobes and mirrors. The balcony is also superb with lazy chairs to laze in the sun. The rooms have a comfortable and cozy sofa which can also be used as a bed for a child. There are antique drawers, and the huge ceilings have ceiling fans and impressive lights.

Facilities and amenities


  • All the modern day technology is provided with in the hotel for the convenience of the guests. This includes TV, DVD player, fridge and a small paid bar like facility in some hotel rooms. The spas, beach facing balconies, 24 hours security, managers and hotel concierge to coordinate guest requirements as also the kitchen. All these are absolutely free services of the hotel.
  • There are also paid services like laundry, dry cleaning, half day and full day tour service. Also, they provide airport transfers to and fro for free. There is WiFi facility available in the hotel rooms for the convenience of the guests.
  • The hotels offer many off season discounts and also invite advanced booking during peak seasons. The spring season is the best season to visit the Virginia beach oceanfront hotels as the cool ocean breeze will give a mesmerizing feel and the ultimate relaxation.


Special offers

There are many special offers the couples can make use of to have an affordable stay in the hotel as the rates climb high in peak periods.

  • Some of them include the bed and breakfast; some packages offer a unique one day experience in a luxurious ambience of the hotel. The couple or family can enjoy one night of fun and also enjoy the delicious continental breakfast in the morning. These packages are specially designed so that the maximum number of people can take advantage as its rates are comparatively lower than other hotels.
  • Some of the hotel partners with the best airlines and one can get a number of points on booking the suites or hotel rooms via this offer which can be redeemed from the hotel.
  • Also, advanced booking can make the stay affordable by about 20% of the best available rates of the hotel.
  • Some hotels offer 5-10% discounts to the people with American association of retired people card. Also, people with masters’ card or American express credit cards can fetch bonus points by the hotel on every purchase which can be redeemed for your stay in the hotel.

Hence, top class virginia beach hotels cheap offers are really mind boggling. So, the next time you plan a vacation, always check out for any special offers are available and save a lot in this manner. The oceanfront hotels are truly a feast for the eyes and the most enchanting experience one cannot afford to miss.


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Considering Your Options For Tampa FL STD Testing

A lot of aspects are to be considered when it comes to taking the test for sexually transmitted diseases. It is very important that you make sure that you take the services from an organization that has acquired a certain amount of reputation in the market with quality service over the years. This would make sure that the reports that have been given to you are not inaccurate. Inaccurate reports may prove to have a lot of problems as far as treatments are concerned. Therefore, it is very important that you stay well guided. Therefore, do your research well when it comes to finding a good STD testing in Tampa Florida.

Why do you need to make sure about accuracy?


The wrong report can prove to have disastrous results for your health. Therefore, you must take a good look around your options so that you do not end up dealing with a company that fails to give you the accurate report of your situation. Therefore, it is very important to find trusted organizations that can run test that can run your tests and give the results with accuracy. Sexually transmitted diseases can prove to be very bad for your health if you do not take actions against it in good time.

How can you ensure accuracy?

Accuracy is one of the most crucial aspects that have to be checked in this matter. No matter what your conditions are, the reports should be accurate and precise. Therefore, it would be a good idea to do a complete background checks up of the staff members of the clinic. This would let you stay assured that you are not letting yourself in the hands of incompetent professionals. Testing humans for sexually transited diseases have come a long way with the development in medical science.

You would also be able to go through the bio data of the doctors and the staff who work there. It would also be very helpful for you if you went through the review and testimonials of the previous patients of the clinic. The clinic that you go to should be equipped with all the latest tools that are used in such detection job. Not only should the clinic be equipped but the staff should be well versed with all the latest techniques that are sued in this regard.

Therefore, it would be better if you went through the bio data of the members of the clinic to get a clearer picture of what you are signing in for. With a detailed understanding of the competence level of the company that you want to enroll you can rest assured that you are in good hands. These are some of the most important factors that you must keep in mind when you are trying to find a trusted company for testing yourself in such grave and serious matters. There are a few very important aspects that you must take into account when you are looking for a trusted clinic for

STD testing in Tampa Florida.

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Advantages Of Having A High Tech Alarm System In Your House

If you are highly stressed about your home security it is always preferable to install a wireless alarm system for ultimate security quotient. Though these alarm systems are expensive and quite intricate yet when it comes to security they provide better security measures. These systems are devoid of wires. Therefore, not only easy to install these are easy to handle too. Alarm systems Phoenix comprises of different range of wireless security alerts with varied levels of security techniques applicable.

How does a wireless alarm system work?


Each wireless alarm system has a control station or base station. All the sensors attached to doors, windows and other entry and exit points send their alerts and signals to this base unit which continually receives all the signals. Various security sensors like temperature sensor, smoke sensor, and carbon monoxide gas sensors can be attached to the security system. If breech or tripping is detected by any of the sensors, immediately an alert signal is send to the base station. The station reports and sends alert to the homeowner through a phone call or internet or may even produce a sound signal. If alarm monitoring system is active with the alarm system, the monitoring station is notified immediately by the base station.

Points to check while buying a wireless alarm system

In big cities like Phoenix, you get many options in alarm systems. There are number of manufacturers and companies who offer standard as well as high end alarm systems. But there are certain factors that you need to check before buying a system.

  • Availability of disarm and remote arm facilities
  • Check if sensors for motion detection is available
  • Notification medium, like phone, internet, text message etc
  • If base station is powered by battery power or electricity
  • Provision for additional sensors like fire alarm, smoke alarm etc
  • Availability of panic button
  • Wireless keypad

These are only basic things that you need to check. Before buying an alarm system you can also check out any extra parameters that you might require. Even besides that, budget is also a factor that is to be considered.

Advantages of using wireless alarm systems

  • Easy installation procedure without any wires
  • No drilling of floors and walls
  • Can be relocated any time in cases of shifting etc
  • Since no wires are in business you can try installing yourself too
  • Add additional sensors to enhance security parameters

Staying in busy cities or towns like Phoenix and having no protection measures for your house is not possible. Alarm systems are an invincible amenity for houses or any kind of properties these days with increasing cases of burglary and intrusions. Once you leave your house with standard alarm systems phoenix you need not worry about the security of your home and family. These are designed with high end technologies to provide full proof security outline to your property even in your absence. Thus, get a suitable alarm system for your house today to lead a relaxed life ahead.

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Know about HCG levels at 4 weeks

One of the interesting facts about pregnancy that is unnoticed by the pregnant women is the HCG levels. They do not even know the reason behind the symptoms like the nausea and tenderness in the breast. Though they know they are likely to face these symptoms as part of the pregnancy they never knew that the HCG hormone is the root cause for these systems. These symptoms would start from the 4th week of the pregnancy where the HCG levels would start increasing drastically. The possibility of pregnancy can be noticed in women at 3 weeks which is when the HCG levels are recorded as 50 mIU/ml. These levels may not truly confirm pregnancy as the other possibility for this count in the 3rd week could be the HCG injections or drops given to women for reducing their heavy body.

Hence from the 3rd week to the 4th week there would be considerable increase in the count thus recording the HCG levels at 426 mIU/ml. This count indicates that the levels are increased exactly to what is noticed by many of the experts. Every two days the count would get double. So, at the end of the 3 rd week the count would be recorded at 50 mIU/ml and after two days this count should be exactly 100 and on the 4th day after 3rd week one would be with 200 count and on 6th day it would reach 400 roughly and finally on the 7th day it should be around 426 mIU/ml on the rough scale. The count could be high in few people which should not be assumed to be the multiple pregnancy.


The best way that the individuals can test for the count is to perform the HCG test once in every two days to check that the count doubles thus confirming the pregnancy by the end of 4th week which is the usually process done in many hospitals. From this week HCG levels would drastically get doubled for every 48 hours to 72 hours depending on the health condition of the women who is pregnant. This process would continue from the 4th week to the 8th week and sometimes it would even extend up to 11th week only after which the HCG levels start falling down due to which the individual would be freed from the nausea and fatigue thus giving full energy back to them.

If you have approached elders they too would suggest the pregnant women to take enough rest during the first three months of pregnancy, which is the period when the HCG levels are found to be increasing day by day thus resulting in the melting down of body fat for the growth of the fetus. As the energy levels would get exhausted for the fetus it is recommended that women should do less work in this period while the HCG would do the job of burning down the calories.

As the HCG levels start falling down after the 12th week women are instructed to do enough exercise until they reach the 9th month pregnancy. The regular exercise is mandatory if at all they want normal delivery without going for the C section that has become quite common in the hospitals that are operating with the intention to make money. In order to avoid the fraud made by the hospitals with respect to giving costly HCG injections to increase the levels in the initial stage of pregnancy you can monitor these levels at home and take good rest so that you are safe from unwanted treatment provided by doctors.

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What makes the green beans a healthy diet?

Usually, what coffee means to us are the roasted coffee beans and not the green ones. As we know, the green things have some ingredients that make them healthier and good for those who want to live an active life, and it is not exceptional for the green beans of coffee. The same thing goes with the green coffee, which has so many nutrients which are good for the health and mind. Many think that coffee refreshes our mood and makes us stress free, so a sip of coffee can unwind your body and create a space for your relaxation.

Types of coffee and the processing

What we get from the coffee plant are all the green seeds and to add the aroma and flavor to these beans, the seeds are roasted. Mainly, there are two types of coffee, they are Arabica and Robusta and from them, Arabica is the popular one and nearly 80% of coffee in the market comes from this group. However, it is not that green coffee which is usable immediately after plucking from the plants. To get a pure green seed, the seeds have to go through many steps of purification. One can use wet or dry processing to get green coffee. Central America and some areas of Africa choose the wet processing method where they first separate the flesh from the seed and for the complete fresh products, the seeds are soaked into the water for about two days. However, dry processing method is cheaper than the other one and this is a popular method in Brazil. In this process, coffee beans are dried in the sun on the concrete area after being separated from its twigs and other objects.

Content of the green seeds

Green seeds are full of non-volatile and volatile elements, and all of this contributes to make coffee a center of the attraction. Some non-volatile components are alkaloid (caffeine), trigonelline, amino acids and carbohydrates, when seeds are roasted; all of these add value to the flavor of the coffee. Besides these, non-volatile chlorogenic acid has many medicinal factors and it can even cure the blood pressure problems. Most of the volatile components, including fatty acid and nitrogen content molecules prevent the green beans from using directly because these ingredients can cause nausea and vomiting. Yet in the recent times, green coffee extract is popular in the market to give people a healthy diet product which is needed for their hectic life.

As people extend their view about their daily diet, they should make a position for the green coffee in their diet charts. Coffee is the most sold beverages across the world and that is why, it is considered as a cash crop that not only makes people active but also increases the financial condition of any nation. Moreover, when the issue is about staying refreshed, this green extract of the coffee cannot disappoint you. There are many products to stay, but this one has some extra qualities which grabs the people more than the others do.

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Keep calm and love your curves

These days, complete definitions and descriptions of terminology of fashion and what’s exactly what within the fashion world have got blurred. For example it will be difficult to fix to a definite view for questions like what exactly is a beverage gown. On general terms we can say a beverage gown is just another semi-formal dress which women would love to wear at formal affairs, like distinctive occasions and cocktail events instead of all formal attire, and its length can strike anyplace from over the knee to shut to your ankle. But in detail every individual have their own view on what exactly is a beverage gown. Some deem it as a short knee length cocktail dress and some other consider it as normal ankle length gown. Although it is very hard define fashion terms, we in this article are trying to define some cocktail dresses that are perfect for curvy women.

Black for curves: Leave alone black robe de cocktail mariage, in general black dresses of any style or type is considered as a routine party wear options. They may be considered as a dime a dozen in some people’s face, but well-chosen black dress make you seem great. Though very common party wear, perfect design and cut on a black dress can really bring that prodigious look. Moreover it has been and it will be a perfect option for women don’t have so many options. So women who do not get numerous choices for dresses should make investments on the best black gown in their vicinity, after checking if it complements their physique kinds and makes a stunning outfit on the whole.


Wrap and place gowns: For the women with little heavy bottom, the wrap gown can be a perfect option for night parties. These gowns in dark will seem great as well as match curves on the body nicely. If the women is bottom-heavy or in an hourglass shape or in pear or apple shape or any women having some described waist then they’ll all want to seem in to the place gown. A ribbons black gown will accomplish a superb offer, especially inside the event you select one that features a described waist and cap sleeves.These perfect options for women with heavy waists can be made perfect when gowns are all black and all original. Purchasing any fake wrap gown, will not allow for just about any changes, nevertheless it is good to choose black gown with matching jewelry which can pop up the flashy look and at the same time used as a cinch when needed. It is always good to choose cinching jewelry or cinch girth straps which can be removed easilywhen needed and using flags within the crossover stage around the blouse to stop it coming from blowing open.

Accessories:In addition to these dresses which can gel well with curves on women, using all those accessories which are cocktail party-worthy will beautify them more. Accessories like evening purse, matching shoes, sparkling jewelry and possibly an evening shawl will all help complete their after-five ensemble.

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Destin Florida Beaches

Beaches in Destin, a haven for tourists and locals


Destin FloridaIn brief:

Destin is a city in the Okaloosa county of Florida. It is one of the principle cities of Fort Walton Beach, Crestview Destin and Florida Metropolitan statistical region.

Situated on Florida’s Emerald Coast, the city is well-known for the white beaches & emerald green water. Initially named as Little Fishing Village, it has now grown out to be a famous tourist location according to Florida Department of the Environment Protection. Every year around 4.5 million visitors visit the place. Destin has been nicknamed the World’s Luckiest Fishing Village & declares to have leading fishing vessel fleet in the state of Florida.

The city of Destin is named after the Captain Leonard Destin who was the well-known fishing master in the city. First condominiums in Destin were built around 1970 but, the city was incorporated in 1984. However, the city has made rapid growth since the year 1980.

Destin is situated on the peninsula separating Choctawhatchee Bay from the Gulf of Mexico. The peninsula was basically the island; sea levels and hurricanes changed gradually and impacted a change on the mainland of the island. Destin is also situated around various other cities of the region like Fort Walton Beach to the west, Niceville on the north, Panama City on the east and Pensacola on the west.

According to a recent census, the city is home to 11,460 people, 3,135 families and 4,437 households. The racial composition of city was 0.37% American African, 96.21% white, 1.03% Asian and 0.37% belonging to other ethnic races.


Beaches in Destin, Florida:

Destin city on Florida panhandle is a famous vacation destination for the people who look forward to spending time on white beaches and fish in the emerald waters of the Mexican Gulf. Here, people can enjoy lot of golf opportunities, experience the nightlife and indulge in good shopping. There are a lot spas and resorts and beaches which add to the life to city.

Some of well-known beaches in city are:

  • Gulf Coast Beaches

These beaches are well-known for their calm water & soft white sand. Shelling is very popular in these areas. Some of beaches here offer all activities like party spots, swimming, picnicking, fishing, etc. Whatever you are looking for the Gulf Coast beaches have everything to offer you. Some of the well-known Gulf Coast beaches are: Siesta Key, Sanibel Island, Clearwater Beach, Lido Key, Fort Myers Beach, Lovers Key, Fort De Soto, Longboat key, Ana Maria Island Beach and Treasure Island.

  • East Coast Beaches

Atlantic Coast Beaches are as diverse as Destin. To the east of the state, beaches are natural, unspoilt and have numerous areas where one won’t find touristy condos and hotels. The sand is very hard to ride and drive a bicycle, the shoreline is wind cleaned, seas are rougher, the sand is soft and water warm with shades of green and blue. Some of famous beaches on the east coast are Daytona Beach and Ponce Inlet, Amelia Island, St. Augustine Beaches, Sebastian Beaches, Playalinda beach, Fort Lauderdale, Stuart Beach, Ponte Verde Beach, New Smyrna Beach, Palm Beach, Lummus beach, Jacksonville Beach, Cocoa Beach, and Jupiter Inlet- Dubois Park.

  • South Destin, Florida Beaches

South coast of Destin is the home to number of beaches. South beach, Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale are the winter playgrounds for millions of people around the world. The south coast beaches come to life in summer season when tranquil crystal clear water shades of green and blue and the sun-tanned, toned bodies of the visitors are an interesting sight to behold. These beaches are also sheltered by the Bahamas Chain of Islands from the huge marine swells created by Atlantic storms. Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Bills Bags State Park, Bahia Honda Key, Miami Beach and Pennekamp State Park.

  • Panhandle Beach

The ‘panhandle’ city of Florida is famous for crystal clear waters and beautiful beaches. Some of well-known panhandle beaches are Fort Walton Beach, Pensacola Beach, Panama City Beach, Grayton State Beach Park, Navarre Beach, Seaside, Watercolor, Miramar and Sandestin Beaches.

  • Northeast city beaches

Northeast beaches are situated along the city’s entrance, these beaches run along various parks & have trails for hiking and biking, riding and driving. They also have posh resorts with boardwalks and piers with white sand dotted with crustacean shells. One of most famous beaches among them is the Panhandle Oil Spill.

  • Beaches near the Central Florida

Destin Florida is one of most famous tourist destination in the world and some of best beaches are around an hour’s drive from the city. Beaches in Central Florida are well-known for surfing as they are having complete exposure to the Atlantic storms. So come and grab the opportunity to enjoy a thrilling vacation at some of best beaches in the city like Cocoa Beach, Cocoa Beach Pier, Jetty Park at Port Canaveral, Cape Canaveral, Sebastian Inlet, Daytona Beach and Ponce Inlet.

  • Beach resorts

There are number of beach resorts in Destin, Florida offering conveniences like roller coasters, satellite launchers and natural views for the beautiful hours spent at the beach. From Miami to Destin, beach resorts offer all the facilities required for the happy stay. Here is the look at some of best beach resorts in city: Newport Beachside Hotel, The Palms Hotel, The Fontainebleau, The Breakers, Sheraton Sand Key, Sandpearl Resort, Macro Island Marriott Beach Resort, Tween Waters Inn, Casa Marina and Daytona Hilton.

So what are you waiting for now? Visit Destin Florida beaches and experience a new way to fun and frolic in the sun, surf and sand.

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Baltimore Marriott Waterfront

Brief history of the Hotel

Baltimore Marriott waterfront is simply one of the best options, when you are looking for hotels in the north east. This magnificent hotel is located on the eastern part of Baltimore inner harbor, in really close proximity to many of the best Baltimore attractions. Besides its great location, the hotel has a very appealing contemporary design that blends in perfect harmony with inner harbor. Depending upon the room you choose, you will have an incredible view of the city and the harbor. This hotel is a 4 diamond AAA hotel and it has more than 700 rooms and 21 suites in its 31 floors. There are plenty of options to choose from for any budget. It is the best option for business men and women, couples and families. For groups needing several rooms, this hotel has a tool specially designed for quick and easy booking. For your convenience, there is also a free application for special services and options specially designed for Marriott hotels.

How to reach this hotel? (Driving Directions)

This hotel is located in a very well-known area in Baltimore downtown; therefore it would be really hard to get lost. Any local person can help you out with accurate directions to reach Baltimore inner harbor, where Marriott Baltimore waterfront is located.

If you are not driving, there are several options that would be easier than finding your own way. For instance – if you decide to take a taxi or a limo, it would cost you approximately 25 to 35 dollars and about 20 to 30 minutes to reach your final destination. Depending upon the traffic, a shuttle would take about the same time but it would be a little cheaper option than the taxi. Also, you can rent a vehicle but the price would vary depending on the company and the car (budget or avis could cost approximately 35 to 45 dollars per day).


If you are driving, here are some driving directions given for your convenience.

  • When coming from the south or BWI, take I 195 going west until you see exit 2a towards Baltimore (295 north). Follow this road approximately for 8 miles and on “W Pratt St”, take a right turn. Continue straight until you see “S president St”, make another right and keep going. At the roundabout, take first exit to “Alice Anna St”. The hotel will be right in front of you.
  • If coming from the west, you need to take I 95, and then take exit 53 (I 395) towards Baltimore downtown until you see the exit to “W Pratt St”. On “W Pratt St”, take a right turn. Continue straight until you see “S president St”, make another right and keep going. At the roundabout, take first exit to “Alice Anna St”. The hotel will be right in front of you.
  • From the north via I 95, head south all the way until you see exit 53 (I 395) heading towards Baltimore downtown. Look for “W Pratt St” exit and on “W Pratt St”, take a right turn. Continue straight until you see “S president St”, make another right and keep going. At the roundabout, take first exit to “Alice Anna St”. The hotel will be right in front of you.

Few Facts about the Hotel

Baltimore Marriott waterfront is a AAA 4 diamond hotel, with availability of on-site parking (26 dollars per day) and valet parking (40 dollars per day). Unfortunately, the parking garage is not designed for oversized vehicles. The official check-in and check-out time is at 4 pm and 12 pm respectively.

For guests on a business trip, this hotel offers special business services such as: copy and fax service (fees may apply), fully equipped business center, parcel services, notary public and more (contact the hotel directly for details). Marriott Baltimore is the perfect venue for your meetings or social events, thanks to its more than 30 meeting rooms and 80 thousand square ft space that is simply perfect for any special event or business meeting you can think of. There are also 3 concierge levels throughout the hotel for anything you may need for a pleasant stay. (Video review billing and video checkout available for guests’ convenience)

Facilities/ amenities available at the Hotel

This hotel has everything necessary for a very pleasant stay, for example “grille 700”, a delicious restaurant that faces waterfront. Besides the incredible view, this restaurant serves delicious American food made with the freshest local ingredients, open for breakfast, lunch or dinner, perfect for a casual occasion. For having a beer, specialty drink or a snack visit “Kozmo’s lounge”, an upscale martini bar that serves the world’s best beers, wines, spirits and many types of martinis to choose from, is the best choice to start your night. Kozmo’s lounge is open only for lunch and dinner. There is also “Rigano’s bakery and deli”, where you can find coffee, deli products and even star-bucks coffee. It is open for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Currency exchange, nearby beauty parlor and car rentals, fitness center and recreation facilities (perfect for children) are few other services provided by Baltimore Marriott Waterfront.

Here is a list of some other services that are provided by this hotel:

  • News paper delivered right at your doorstep
  • ATM
  • Room service available from 6 am to 1 am
  • Vending machines
  • Local calls (free of charge)
  • Gift shop
  • Daily housekeeping
  • Wide selection of video games available for rent
  • Virtual concierge

Fees and charges may apply for some of these services. All of the services offered by the hotel are not available in every room. For more info and details, contact the hotel authorities directly.

Hospitality and Ambience

All Marriott hotels are well known for providing great service to every single guest; Baltimore Marriott waterfront is not an exception. The entire staff is well trained to make guests have a very pleasant stay and help them in everything necessary for an unforgettable time in Baltimore. This hotel is a perfect location that allows guests to be in close proximity to the Baltimore aquarium, Oriole Park at Camden yards, ravens stadium and many other places within walking distance. For more information regarding places of interests around Baltimore, don’t hesitate in asking any of the staff members; they would probably mention different places to visit. It is always better to ask locals.

Special features

  • Unfortunately, because of the hotel policies, pets are not allowed in the premises. Only service animals are allowed, in case you are traveling with your 4 legged friends.
  • If you are a smoker, this is probably not the best place for you because smoking in this hotel is prohibited.

Nevertheless, with all the services and facilities available at the hotel, you will neither miss your pets and nor smoking.

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Raleigh Beaches

Make the most of spectacular beaches in Raleigh, this summer

Raleigh in Brief:

Raleigh is the capital and the 2nd largest city in the state of North Carolina as well as being the county seat of Wake County. It is also called as the City of Oaks for the number of oak trees found here. Raleigh is the home to 403,892 people in the 142.8 square miles making the city of Raleigh the 43rd largest city in the U.S. Raleigh is one of the highest growing cities of the country. The city is named after Sir Walter Raleigh who founded the lost Roanoke colony on the Roanoke Island.

RTP is bordered on three sides by the city of Durham and is midway between the cities of Chapel Hills and Raleigh. Raleigh is the multi-ethnic city having a racial composition of blacks, whites, Latino Americans, Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, Hispanics, some other ethnic races too.

Raleigh is also home to educational institutes, museums, various performing arts, visual arts, sports and leisure, recreation, amateur sports, airports, efficient rail network, beaches and exciting nightlife – making it the ever-popular destination for the tourists and locals alike.


Beaches in Raleigh:

Raleigh, NC is an electrifying city filled with number of activities for the residents and visitors. Concerts, art galleries, historical sites, restaurants, nightlife and restaurants all the parts of Raleigh’s vivacious energy. Outdoor recreation flourishes around the city from beautiful beaches just an hour’s drive on the Atlantic Coast to the North Carolina state parks. Fishing, hiking, canoeing, swimming, boating and water sports on the sandy beaches are all available to tourists of city. Some of the famous beaches in the city are:

  • State Park Beaches

North Carolina beach offers pretty good options to those who love to enjoy the outdoor activities. Beach freaks can take a plunge at the Falls Lake Recreational region just north of city where they can enjoy at the three sandy beaches like Rolling View, Sandling Beach and the Beaverdam. The state park system offers the facility of changing rooms and restrooms to the visitors. On the west side of city there are sand beaches like White Oak, Parker’s Creek Seaforth and the Ebenezer Church. State Park Beach is also equipped with Lake Norman State Park which offers patrons amenities like restrooms, clean sandy beaches, changing stalls, showers, fishing piers and even a picnic area for families.

  • Wrightsville Beach

Wrightsville Beach is about half and hour drive on the south of Raleigh near North Carolina. The beach is a five mile long white sandy beach with fishing, surfing scene, boating and charming historic cottages. Lounging at the beach, watching surfers while riding wild waves, restrooms, picnic areas are some of the recreational activities offered to the people to make their visit more enjoyable.

  • Topsail Island

This island is just a couple of hours drive from Raleigh in the southeast direction, and offers the laid back relaxation and fun in water. Beach-combing, swimming, scuba-diving, surfings, pier-fishing and para-sailing are just some of main activities which people can enjoy on the 26 mile long Barrier Island. The island is also home to loggerhead turtles and sea turtles.

  • Kure Beach

This beach is located on North Carolina’s Cape Fear shore, to the south of Raleigh, offering various activities for the whole family. Aquariums, fishing pier, parks, cycling trails, historic Fort Fisher, scheduled events and playground all are within a walking distance making Kure Beach is one of favorite beaches for both visitors and local residents.

  • Everett Jordan Lake

Nearby Raleigh is the Everett Jordan Lake which is well-known for boating, swimming and fishing activities as well as pop culture. Specific beaches are also available to swimmers through local parks and recreation centers and the famous beaches among them are Seaforth, Ebenezer Church and the Parker’s Creek. Jordan Lake also has Vista Point, Crosswinds Campgrounds and the Popular Point Beaches which are available to people who rented camp sites in these areas.

  • Nags Head

The three hour drive on the east will take you to Nags Head Beach situated on outer banks of North Carolina. Nags Head is among one of enjoyable beaches on the Barrier Island located on the east coast. Endless widening of sand dunes, beach and water activities, historical attractions, various lodgings, restaurants and scheduled events make it the great destination for people of all age groups.

  • Sandling Beach, Falls lake

On the North of Raleigh near North Carolina and Virginia state border is the Falls Lake which offers the Sandling Beach. This is the ideal spot for swimming for the people who can travel north from Raleigh. The beach has picnic tables escorted by the grills on the coast so that beach lovers can make their day and also have a BBQ, changing rooms and restrooms nearby. Sandling Beach is a well-kept, clean area and is a great place for couples and families to play and swim in the warmer months.

  • Kennel Beach

This beach is a well-known beach among all the people who want to have a pleasant beach experience. Kennel Beach is well-patrolled and clean and has numerous camp sites for visitors who want to be right in the lap of nature. Around the beach there are hotels and other activities like hiking, golf and fishing, swimming and lounging. The Croatan National Forest is also close to the hotel which is worth a visit for people who want a day way from surf and sand.

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Raleigh, North Carolina

Briefly about the town:

The town, Raleigh enjoys a special place in the State of North Carolina. This place, which is the second largest city of the state, was founded two centuries back in the year 1792, and also enjoys being the capital of North Carolina. The city of Raleigh is spanned over 142.90 square miles and geographically falls under the Wake County of North Carolina. The 58% of its total population (403,892) are white and rest 42% people are of black ethnicity. The history of this wonderful county is vivid.

The story of its incorporation started on December 1770 when J.L. House, the Father of the County, filed a petition in the legislative assembly for designating this place as a county in the assembly system. After one year, the petition won the interest of the jurisdiction system and this place was added in the list of counties. From that day onward the city never looked back and the progression graph soared every year by leaps and bounds. In year 1818 city’s first water supply network was established and in year 1831, the city was gifted with its first railroad network.

The Raleigh, NC saw many developmental changes which enhanced the overall social status of the city and county. In the year 1922, the city launched its own radio station and after five years from that, Curtiss Wright Flying Field opened its door as the city’s first airport. In addition to this, the city’s first convention center was opened in year 1977. Union Capitol Center and Hannover Square were the first skyscrapers of the city (1991). Along with these miraculous developments, this city also struggled with many natural and war related calamities during 1914-1917, such as spate like influenza, killed nearly 288 natives and 5,799 people became martyrs of World War 1.

While the city was on the acme point of its progress, the need for higher education emerged. The regulators and governors of the town realized the need for higher education within the city of Raleigh, North Carolina. Hence, the establishment of some higher education schools, colleges and universities took place.

Higher education need erupts:

The Education System of Raleigh, North Carolina

The city of Raleigh is most populated city of North Carolina. More than 90% of its natives (403,892) are high school educated and approximately 47.5% are either done with their post graduation or are pursuing the degree.

The first step towards the higher education was taken in year 1857. It was the year when first ever higher learning institute of Raleigh, Peace College, came into the education business. Presently there are various educational institutes calibrated as public, private, and private for profits higher education system.


Institutes of Higher Education

Public Institute:

State University of Northern Carolina

Wake Technical Community College

Private Institute:

Saint Augustine College

Shaw University

William Peace University

Campbell University


Profit Oriented Private Institute:

Mitchell Hair Styling Academy

Strayer University

ECPI college of University

The Emerald Academy

o    Private and Public School including some missionaries: In addition to the above mentioned higher education institutes, there are nearly 12 public schools and 20 private schools. These schools are contributing their maximum for the satisfying the educational requirements of Raleigh, NC.

Universities of Raleigh, North Carolina

In the city of Raleigh, North Carolina, there are a total of 5 universities that holding the responsibility of providing higher education in the city of Raleigh. Those are:

  • William Peace University
  • North Carolina State University
  • Shaw University
  • Campbell University
  1. The William Peace University

The William Peace University: This university was the first ever college of the Raleigh city and was opened with a mission of educating African Americans. This university was started as a college and was the first ever African American College. The university was funded by a local merchant Mr. William Peace. This college was named after him as a tribute to him for his $10,000 founding donation and a large hearted decision of donating 8 acres of land.

The William Peace University offers degree in various courses like, English, Education, Business, Liberal Studies, Musical Theater, Psychology, Communication and Medial Studies, Theater and Biology. Beside these, the university also offers some honors programs in various courses. But for the enrollment to honors courses, you have to be extra intelligent and you have to take yourself forward to the dean’s list.


  • William Peace University provides a chance of education to 700 students every year.
  • While you study here, you will experience the one to one teaching. The student and teacher ratio is 11:1.
  • It is a proud fact that 91% of our entrants complete their degree program in four years without any extensions.
  • As far as its ranking is concerned, it is at number 36, out of 53 best colleges for bachelors of United States of America (South Region).

In addition to studies, the University of William Peace, also offers its awesome facilities in the area of Athletics. The Hermann Student Center, Wachovia Athletics Field, The Ragland Tennis Court and WakeMed Soccer Park, are some of the extremely good and appreciable gifts for the athletes. In addition to these, the university offers specialization in basketball, cross country, soccer, softball, volleyball and tennis.

The admission process is very simple and easy to follow. All students who want to join William Peace University must put forward an application comprising their interest about certain course, to the admissions department. The incomplete and un-signed applications will be rejected and the department reserves all rights to reject any application, with or without giving reasons. While filing you application you must submit the following:

o    You application form duly signed and completely filled

o    You last academic records’ photocopies

o    Certificate showing GPA (no less than 3.0)

o    SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) Results

o    For international learners: photocopies of Passport, Visa papers, Permanent Residency Visa card describing your residency Status, Academics Transcripts and Statement of Purpose.

The tuition fees may vary from course to course. There are some scholarships and financial aid program offered by university, only for the deserving and qualifying students. For all details and eligibility tests regarding these financial assistances, you are advised to check with the finance department of the university.

  1. North Carolina State University

North Carolina State University was one of the oldest and first opened public universities of the nation. The campus was established in year 1789 and the first campus of this university was at Chapel Hill. In the beginning this university was teaching only the natives and the teaching boundaries were confined to few courses only. But in the year 1971, legislation was passed and enabled this hub of education to offer bachelor degree through its sixteen institutions as follows:

  • Appalachian State University
  • Fayetteville State University
  • North Carolina Technical and Agriculture State University
  • Elizabeth State University
  • University of North Carolina at Asheville
  • University of North Carolina at Wilmington
  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  • University of North Carolina at Pembroke
  • University of North Carolina at Greensboro
  • Western Carolina University
  • University of North Carolina School of Arts
  • Winston Salem State University
  • East Carolina University
  • North Carolina Central University
  • North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics

Currently, the university is spanned over hundreds of acres and an education hub to millions of learner.

Interesting facts of UNC:

Admission Milestones:           

Undergraduates:       175,281

Post Graduates:       46,446

Degrees Awarded

Below Bachelor                                     :        172

Four Year Diploma                                 :        15

Bachelors                                             :        32,706

Post Baccalaureate Certificate                  :        217

Masters                                               :        10,379

Intermediate/Specialist                           :        90

Doctorate                                             :        1,244

First Professionals                                 :        998

Courses offered:

Under the apex instructions of UNC, more than 3000 (3172 to be precise) courses are offered through its sixteen institutes as listed above. For detailed information, it is advisable to check with the individual institute. There are various courses, ranging from bachelor or post graduate programs and in the stream of commerce, medicals, non medicals, engineering, computers, arts, theaters and innumerable vocational and technical training programs.  

Tuition fees:

The tuition fees may vary from course to course and institute to institute and are expected to rise. It could be anything from $14,074.10 to $ 24,148.16, depending on the course and services availed. The hike is normally 6.5% every year and is normally imposed after a declaration.

  1. Shaw University:

Shaw University was established in year 1865 under one single motto, “for Christ and Humanity.” This university was founded as historically black university and was incorporated to offer liberal arts’ education. To the date, the university is educating more than 2800 students with the help of 200 staff members (teaching and non teaching). This university was blessing of an American Baptist Home Mission Society.

Courses Offered:

The university offers educational programs in various streams of undergrad and post grad levels.

Undergraduate Courses: Accounting, Biology, Kindergarten Studies, Environmental Studies, Mathematics, Speech Pathology and Audiology, Athletic Training, Music (both vocal and instrumental), English, Criminal Justice, Elementary Education, Therapeutic Recreations and many more.

Post Grad Courses: Master of Religion and Philosophy, Divinity, Science, Early childhood Education and many more.



Fulltime Enrollments during year 2008-2009         :        2,426

Part Time Enrollments (Year 2008-2009)              :        296

Full time equivalent (Year 2008-2009)                 :        2,614


The university is adequately designed with 120 fulltime and an equal number of part time instructional guides.

Tuition Fees:

The tuition fees may vary from course to course and mode of study. For a bachelor course, if you are after on-campus course, you might have to pay $10,070 per semester and if for the same course, if you opt for off-campus study, you will be paying $6,290 for one semester. Whereas it is different in case of yearly payment and could be $20,140 for on-campus and $12,580 for off-campus courses. For the post grad courses, you will be paying on the basis of per credit hour and the fees could be $490 per hour as a minimum.

  1. Campbell University

Campbell University is more likely a missionary kind of university and is basically a church-related university. The University has its foundation traced back to year 1887 and was known as Buies Creek Academy. Then in 1926, the Academy became a junior college and thereafter in year 1961, the junior college turned into senior college and finally on June 6, 1979, this senior college became the Campbell University. The graduate programs of Campbell University were started in year 1977 and first master degree of the university was awarded in year 1982 as Master of Science. The Campbell University is divided in six premises such as:

o    College of Arts and Science

o    Divinity School

o    School of Business

o    School of Education

o    School of Pharmacy

o    School of Law

Course Offered:

The education programs of Campbell University are divided in three sections such as Degree, Majors and Program. As far as degree programs are concerned there are many Bachelor Degree programs such as in Arts, Science, Applied Science, Health Science, Social Work and Business Administration. There are eight different post graduate degree programs are offered such as M.Ed, M.A, Master of Business Administration, M.A in Christian Education, Masters in Divinity, M.Sc in Clinical Research, MSc. in pharmaceuticals Sciences and Master of Wealth and Trust Management. Moving on to professional Degrees, there are several professional degree programs for which this university provides accreditation such as Juris Doctors, Doctorate in Pharmacy and Master in PAP (Physician assistant practice).

Tuition Fees

The tuition fees of the courses may vary from course to course and educational courses preferences.

For the undergraduate courses the fee is   :        $11,450 Per Semester

Distance Education and Internet Classes     :        $300 per Credit Hour

For M.Ed, M.A or MSA courses                 :        $365 per Credit Hour

For the Course of M.B.A                         :        $515 per Credit Hour

For the course of trust and wealth mgmt.  :        $625 per Credit Hour

For Juris Doctorate (all three years)          :        $50, 100 for all three years (16,700 per year)

For Doctorate in Pharmacy                      :        $14,500 (for all four years)

For Master in Clinical Research                 :        $625 per Credit Hour

For Master in Pharma Science                  :        $625 per Credit Hour

For Master in Physical Assistant Practice    :        $9,700

For Master in Courses of Divinity              :        $ 655 per Credit Hour

For Doctorate in Ministry                         :       $7075 (inclusive of $800 to be paid as   field supervisor fees for 3 year & $500 as
Continuation fee)


All of these above mentioned universities are providing quality education in an ambiance that best suits the learner. In addition to these all of the above cited, universities offer financial aids and work experience. All of these universities have their own employment cells, where they either offer indoor placement of they refer their candidate for outdoor jobs.

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Crowne Plaza San Antonio

  • History

Beginning of the Brand of Crowne Plaza:

The Crowne Plaza is the chain of upscale hotels, which are more popular with the business travelers and many business conventions and meetings are held here. This chain is owned and operated by Intercontinental Hotel Group, which also owns the Holiday Inn and Intercontinental hotels chain.

The first hotel of the chain was opened in 1983 at Rockville, Maryland and was named as Holiday Inn CP, but the first resort with name of Crowne Plaza was established in 1999 in Madeira, Portugal. This brand has presently over 380 hotels worldwide in more than 52 countries.

The Crowne Plaza San Antonio was converted into hotel in 1997 and with this a pyramid of silver was also added to its roof taking its height to nearly 325 feet, making it in the list of top 10 tallest buildings of San Antonio. It has 21 stories and is situated in the downtown area of the city.


  • How to Reach

The Routes that can be taken to reach the hotel and the fare:

The hotel is at a distance of about 15 km or 9 miles from the San Antonio Airport towards South. You can use a shuttle or taxi or even can take a car on rental to reach the hotel. The taxi charge from airport to the hotel is approximately $28 and the shuttle charges around $35 for the same. The average time taken during the drive is about 25 minutes. If you are driving you can take the Highway 281 from the airport to IH-35 South exit and take a left to the Pecan Street. The hotel will be on the left side.

You can also come to the city by Train and you will have to reach the Amtrak station from where the hotel is about 3 Km towards the East and the taxi will charge you with $10 to $12 for one side trip. You can also come by car to the hotel.

  • Facts

Other Relevant Information about Crowne Plaza:

The hotel has been honored with the “Meeting Service Excellence” award because of its quality service and facilities. The hotel has a flexible meeting, exhibit and banquet space of 37000 square feet with 9 meeting rooms and the capacity of the largest room is over 1100 people. The total exhibit space is nearly 13000 sq ft and the place is for nearly 80 stalls.

There are options of both self and valet parking but only for average sized vehicles, trailers and oversized vehicles are not entertained. The self parking fee is nearly 30 USD daily and the valet parking comes for about 28 USD. English, Arabic and Spanish languages are spoken and understood. There are over 400 single and double bed rooms in the 21 floors with nearly 15 of them for physically challenged guests.

  • Facilities/Amenities

The nature of facilities provided to the guests:

The hotel is situated at the historic Riverwalk of San Antonio, which makes it in close proximity of the main attractions of the city and thus making it a popular destination for not only business associates but also other travelers to the city. There are several amenities that are provided to the guests at Crowne Plaza, which can be broadly classified under the following categories:

  • Business Services: There is a business center for organizing meetings and events with high speed connectivity of internet on wireless basis. Printers, analog dial-up, Personal computers, Internet browsers TV and copying facilities are also provided for the meetings to the corporate houses and guests. Executive floors, suites and Limousine services are also available to the guests on demand.
  • Spa, Health and Fitness facilities: There is a sauna for the guests at the hotel and a fitness center having the exercise equipments for aerobics, cardio and free weight. The access to this extensive fitness center is for 24 hours and the guests can use their room keys to enter the facility.
  • Housekeeping and Laundry: Washers and dryers are provided on all the floors for the guests to use and also there are housekeeping services on a daily and weekly basis. There are also options for the same day dry cleaning if needed and other regular laundry options.
  • Recreational services and other facilities: There is an outdoor pool of hot water for the kids to have fun and another outdoor pool and Whirlpool for guests. The 111 Grill and Bar in the lobby offers lunch, dinner and breakfast to the patrons with the option of room service. The pub 111 Lounge with very comfortable seats serves all types of drinks to the guests.
  • Miscellaneous: These services include the air conditioning in the public areas, cash machine, newspaper service of World news, Bellman, Ice machine and a Lounge available for 24 hours a day. Under some schemes the kids are provided free meals and also there is a safety box at the front desk to keep your valuables.
  • Hospitality/Ambience

The General atmosphere of the Hotel:

The hotel is basically for the business class and the décor of the place depicts this clearly by the use of soft and sophisticated colors and elegant decorations. The staff of the hotel knows its responsibilities and is quick in making arrangements and solving problems that can arise at different situations.

The overall atmosphere of the hotel is very calm and comfortable with people sitting in the lounge and enjoying their drinks and others having their meals with families and kids enjoying the large pool on the rooftop. The meetings are also regularly held along with parties and banquets in the hotel, which makes the overall atmosphere very live and friendly.

  • Special Features

The Main Features of the Hotel:

The pets weighing up to 40 lbs and non aggressive nature are allowed in the hotel to be brought by the guests. Maximum two pets can be kept in a room and a fee of $50 has to be deposited, which is one time payment and non refundable. The owner has to register his/her contact information and the pets have to be crated when leaving them unattended. The service animals are allowed for the physically handicapped persons.

The hotel is a 100% smoke free hotel, which means that the smoking is not allowed inside the premises of the hotel. But the guests can smoke outside the premises of the hotel.


  • Reviews

What do the Visitors have to say about the hotel and facilities:

The hotel is very quiet and comfortable with the perfect arrangements for the business meetings among other things. The central location of the hotel is very good for the purpose of visiting the famous places in the city like the Convention center of San Antonio, Zoo, Water Park, AT and T center, Sea World and Splash Town, which are at a short drive. The Hemisfair Park, Tower of Americas, Alamo and Alamo dome are also within a mile from the hotel. The hotel is also close to the USAA, Toyota and Bank of America, which are of immense use during the stay.

The hotel is known for its corporate clientele but visiting the hotel is not limited to the business purposes only as it has many other feathers to it like while you are busy in a meeting the kids can enjoy at their pools and also the complimentary meals provided to the guests is a big plus point.

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Holiday Inn San Antonio


When did the Holiday Inn began and for what purpose?

The Holiday Inn chain of hotels was started in 1957 as franchisee by the name “HolidayInn of America” by Wilson with an aim to provide accommodations to the travelers, which are clean, standard, family friendly and also easily accessible. This chain grew tremendously in the initial years of its conception because of its unique concept and by 1968 there were 100 Inns of the brand. Presently the Holiday Inn brand is owned and operated by British IHG (InterContinental Hotels Group) and is one of the most well known and biggest chain of hotels in the world.

The IHG gives licenses to the third parties and the franchisees, which operate their hotel under the name and in compliance to the management guidelines. The group also relaunched the brand worldwide on 24th Oct 2007, which was completed by 2010. There are different brands operating Under Holiday Inn, which are owned by the group and have slight variations in the services provided by them and the customers catered to. These brands include Holiday Inn, H.I. Select, H.I. Resort, H.I. Garden Court, H.I. Sunspree Resorts, H.I. Hotel & Suites and H.I. Express.


How to Reach

What are the transportation facilities and how to reach the hotel?

Holiday Inn of Riverwalk is at about 13 km or 9 miles from the San-Antonio International Airport and you can either hop a shuttle or hire a taxi for the hotel. The taxi can charge about 15 USD and the shuttle will cost you about 14 USD for one way. You can also take a car rental and drive to the hotel, which will take about 20 minutes to reach. In case you are driving from the airport you should take the Airport Blvd to the Highway no.281 and take an exit from the Commerce street. From there you should drive first to Navarro Street then Houston Street and reach the St. Mary’s Street from where you will have to take the left route and the hotel will be in the right direction of the road.

The Amtrak station is also close to the hotel and a taxi will charge you about 6 USD to take you to the hotel.


Other factual details of the hotel:

There are more than 1200 hotels with the name of Holiday Inn throughout the world with nearly 250,000 rooms both with single and double beds for the guests to stay. In San Antonio itself there are about 5 Holiday inns operating in the San Antonio area and they are positioned at the Lackland, Seaworld, Downtown, EL Tropicano and Riverwalk areas.

The number of rooms in the Holiday Inn San Antonio Riverwalk is more than 310 and these are distributed in the 23 floors of the hotel. There is an interior corridor and 12 rooms specifically designated to the physically challenged guests with several utilities keeping their comfort in mind. There is also a flexible meeting space of 10000 sq ft and business center at the hotel.


The amenities available at the hotel for guests:

The guests at the hotel are given several facilities both general and luxury for making their stay worth remembering. The facilities can be included under the following sub heads:

  • Equipments and services provided in the rooms: The rooms have a well lighted work area having a comfortable chair for use by the guests along with High Definition TV with cable connection, stereo and video gaming facility. There is also a coffee and tea maker, work desk with lamp, electrical adaptors and power converters. The bathrooms have bath tubs and hair dryer.
  • Premium Services: The newspapers can be delivered in the rooms on a daily basis with valet services. There is phone and fax service with high speed internet connectivity. The rooms have individually controlled AC and rollaway beds along with Sofa Beds. The facility of video review and checkout ids also given to the guests. You can get your book binded, scanned or copied if required at this place.
  • Health and Spa Facilities: There is a limited on site fitness center having exercise bike, treadmill and universal machines and an off site Extensive fitness center. There is also a Whirlpool and Outdoor pool for recreational activities.
  • Facilities for kids: The kids can play in the pool and the whirlpool and also the museum for children is not far from the hotel. There are offers where the meals for the kids are not charged by the hotel.
  • Other facilities: There are options for daily and weekly housekeeping and dry cleaning of clothes. The printers, projector, flip cart, modem, VCR, white board, microphones, computers and Lectern are provided by the hotel to be used in the business meetings. There is also availability of Ice and ATM machines in the dedicated lounge and a safety box at reception for use and a regular Bellman for help.

Hospitality and Ambience

What is the overall atmosphere at the hotel and the staff:

The holiday Inns are known for their ambience and hospitality. The staff is very nice and cooperative with the right sense of responsibility and courtesy. The hotel is very deliciously decorated crating an elegant and cozy atmosphere for the guests. The rooms are spacious, décor southwestern and restaurant with good seating capacity. The overall ambiance of the hotel suits not only to the single tourists and families but it is also very appropriate for the business executives and holding meetings and parties.

Special Features

The facts that you should know about the Hotel:

The hotel follows a no pet policy so the pets are not allowed in the premises of the hotel. But there is a nearby kennel where the guests can keep their pets and enjoy the stay at the hotel. There is also an additional cleaning charge of $250 on finding the pets in the guest rooms. The service animals for physically handicapped persons are allowed.

Smoking is also not allowed in the hotel rooms and the smokers need to go to the designated smoking areas if they really need to smoke. The check-in time is 4 pm and check-out time is 12 in the noon. The hotel provides the options for both self and valet parking. The Charge for the valet parking is up to $27 and self parking is charged with $ 19 daily.


What do the Visitors have to say about the place?

The world class amenities and perfect location of the hotel make it a hit among the tourists coming to San Antonio. The hotel is very close to the Riverwalk and major shopping areas and attractions of the downtown, which is the main plus point as you can simply take a walk down the lane and get to your favorite spots. Reaching the hotel is also not a problem as the distance is only of 9 miles and there is regular transportation. The places like Alamo, Alomodome, Market Square and Rivercenter mall are so close to the place that it will take you only 5 minutes on feet to reach there. In fact the San Antonio Art Museum and Witte Museums are also not very far from the place. The in house lounge and restaurant provide quality food and eatables and are very useful after a day out. The hot water pool and whirlpool are enough to relax and let your body breathe properly.

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Homewood Suites San Antonio


Foundation of the hotel and its Growth Trajectory:

The very first hotel in the chain of Homewood Suites was founded in 1989 in the city Omaha of the State Nebraska, USA. During its initial 10 years of foundation the hotel was owned by the Promus Hotel Corporation based in Memphis. Promus was bought by Hilton in the year 1999, which brought this chain along with Doubletree, Hampton Inn and Embassy Suites under the umbrella of Hilton Hotels Group.

Homewood Suites is an All-Suite hotel of Residential style operating in America and are mostly owned & operated independently by the franchisees although, the management of the chain is under the hat of Hilton Worldwide. Presently the chain has more than 300 hotels and many are under development process. The Residence Inn and Staybridge Suites are the business competitors of the chain.

How to Reach

 Homewood Suites San Antoniois situated at the juncture of St. Mary’s Street and West Market downtown and on the RiverWalk. The place is very much approachable with regular transportation and roads. The San Antonio Airport is less than 10 miles from the place and a taxi or car will take approximately 18 to 22 minutes to reach here. You can take the International Highway 37 from 281 and drive south towards the Downtown. Take the Commerce Street Exit from the highway and drive westwards on it. After some distance you will see the St. Mary’s Street, take a left turn, which leads to the market and at the corner is the hotel.

From the airport you can also hire a taxi, which will take you to the hotel or take a rental car to drive yourself.


There are over 145 suites in the hotel and about 70 with two beds and the largest meeting room is in an area of 2600 square feet. Homewood Suites have been honored many times for its excellent service and quality. In 2010 J.D. Power Associates NA Hotel-Guest-Satisfaction-Index named the hotel as the top hotel for extended Stay and in 2011 Harris Interactive named it as the Hotel-Brand of Year for Extended-Stay.

The mascot of the hotel is Lewis-The Duck, the cartoon characterization of the duck appearing in the logo of the brand. He is also the main character of the Children’s Book Series of Homewood Suites. The signature dress item of Lewis is a red striped tie.



The hotel offers many amenities keeping in mind the comfort of the travelers and business executives both. The major ones are:

  • Business Related Services: The main facilities given for the business purposes other than a meeting place with high speed connectivity of internet include a business center, fax machine, express mail, meeting rooms, photocopier, printer, modem and audio and video equipments on rental. With these the facility of video conferencing is also provided and USA Today is also delivered weekly.
  • Facilities for General convenience and Comfort: There is an ATM machine, Elevators, Concierge Desk, Gift shop, Baggage Storage, Luggage hold, News Stand and Convenience Store in the hotel lobby for the convenience of the guests. The services including Coin Laundry, local area transportation and Valet/Laundry service are provided to the guests in addition to a complimentary breakfast area.
  • Suites and the Amenities offered in them: There are suites with one king bed, one queen bed, 2 double beds and 2 queen sized beds with sleeper sofas. There is a kitchen fully equipped with microwave refrigerator, dishwasher, 2 burner stove and coffee maker. Rooms have TV, hairdryer, iron, ironing board and complimentary internet connection. Playpen, Cribs and high chairs are also supplied if asked for in the rooms.
  • Fitness Services: There is a fitness room with the modern exercise equipments and a large on-site swimming pool for the guests, also there is a nearby golf course, tennis court, hiking trail and fishing and trapshooting spots where the guests can go for having fun and the front desk supports with the directions.


The ambience of the hotel is very delightful and cozy and the décor is neither very bright nor too dull but a perfect mix, which is designed to make the guests feel the comfort of their homes at this place. The staff is multilingual, which means that the language is not a barrier at this place. Also the rooms as well as the lodge, lobby, pool and other areas are clean and appropriately furnished to the taste of the visitors.

Staff is efficient and ready to accept responsibilities and helpful in nature. They are ready to provide all possible support to the guests and are very prompt in their approach.

Special Features

The Other Specialties of the Hotel:

The hotel does not accommodates pets of any kind other than service animals and the atmosphere of the hotel is maintained smoke free keeping in mind the comfort and health of the guests. The check-in time is 3.00 in the afternoon and check-out is at noon. The hotel has the facility of valet parking only for which you can be charged with $24 for each day of your parking and stay.

The guests are offered Hot Suite Start Breakfast and Welcome Home reception in the evening at the lodge, which is a central portion off the key lobby. The food includes light meal with beverages like wine, beer and margaritas.


The ratings given by the Visitors to the hotel:

The hotel gives you the complete value of your money with excellent service and amenities. The recent building updates seem very nice and the full size lobby with the glass wall gives a great view of the RiverWalk from the hotel itself. The free dinner and breakfast provided on the weekdays from Monday to Thursday are delicious and very appealing. The hotel is situated at a comparatively quieter section on Riverwalk, which is of immense help as the disturbances are less and you can relax. Also the place is not far from the main area of the Riverwalk so you can simply get up and take a tour of the area or go for shopping or sight seeing or do any activity that you want to. Reception area is very helpful and the staff accommodating and the major attractions of the city like Arneson River theatre, La Villita (the tiny village), El Mercado (Mexican Market), theatre district and Alamo are at a hand stretch from the place.


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Detroit Beaches

Sun, sand, surf and much more at beaches in Detroit

About Detroit in Brief:

Detroit is a major city among primary financial, cultural and transportation centers in Metro Detroit area, having population of about 5.2 millions. As the part of Wayne County, this city is among one of largest cities in US and also serves as major port on Detroit River linking great lake system to Saint Lawrence Seaway. The city was founded by a French explorer, nobleman and adventurer Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac in the year 1701. In year of 2001, Detroit has population of around 713,777 and is ranked as the 18th most populated city in US.

Called as the world’s customary automotive center, the city is metonym for American automobile industry and also a significant source for well-known music genres renowned like Motown and Motor city. Detroit and the neighboring area constitute the major center of global and commerce trade.

Detroit is also famous for the highest elevation point in the city named as the University District sitting at the height of 200 m and lowest elevation point along the riverfront with a height of 589 feet.

Beaches in Detroit:

Detroit is not only the Motor city, beyond the industrial reputation; the city provides lots of outdoor activities along the Lake St. Clair to Northeast direction of town and Lake Erie in the south. All the Detroit beaches offer the facility of swimming from June to August. Some of the famous beaches in the Detroit city are:

  • Belle Isle Park

The 984 acre Belle Isle is an island in the Detroit River and provides many avenues of family fun for many reasons – one being the water slide and beach which remain open from mid-June through to Labor Day. About half mile long, the beach offers ample room for the visitors of the park. Other attractions at Island Park comprise a golf course, a giant fountain, hiking trails and a botanical garden.

  • Jefferson Beach Marina

Situated beside Lake St. Clair is the Jefferson Beach Marina, which serves boaters. The area along the lake’s nautical mile offers many facilities for relaxing vacations including internet, showers, grill, bar and docking service for around 850 boats. This place is one of best options for the people who want to relax by the coast while enjoying the facilities like waterfront picnic areas with sand, volleyball and lounge chairs.

  • Metro Beach Metropark

Metro Beach Metropark is situated on the north of Detroit and is the lakeside town of Mt. Clemens along the coast of Lake St. Clair. The park comprises the 1,000 foot sandy beach beside the lake as well as a Olympic size swimming pool, Splash Park and water slides. With 3 marinas and about 8 boat ramps, boating is always the big hobby at the park. The park also offers the other facilities like mini-golf, golf, biking and hiking.

  • Van Buren Park

Situated southwest of the Detroit and just few miles away from Detroit Metropolitan county airport is the Van Buren Park on Belleville Lake. The park offers the quiet, isolated atmosphere which stands in severe contrast to industrial feel of city. Beside the sandy swimming beach, park offers basketball and volleyball court, summer camps and nature trails for the local kids.

  • Lighthouse Beach and park

The lighthouse is around 11 miles away from St. Clair in the Port Huron. This is among one of the historic parks that is home to Fort Gratiot Lighthouse and the old light station. This beach is very sandy and is an ideal spot for sunbathing and swimming. In addition to this, this park also offers plenty of locations for picnics.

  • Lakeside beach and park

Lakeside Park and beach is also called as Port Huron City Park and is about 10 miles distance from St. Clair featuring 1060 feet of coastline. Huron Beach has a sandy, large, clean and grassy area suitable for lawn games and picnics. Public restrooms are also maintained at the park.

  • Armstrong’s Lakeport Resort

Situated around 25 miles to the north of St. Clair is the Armstrong Lakeport Resort and offers the facility of private beaches for guests along with cottage camping and RVs. The beach is very sandy and is ideal spot for sunbathing, evening bonfires and swimming. It is family based resort with picnic and play areas.

  • Lakeport State Park

The park is around 25 miles away from St. Clair in the North having 2 camp grounds, beach area, picnic area and playgrounds. The park spans the Lakeport city, a sandy beach area providing a place for sunbathing and swimming. Lakeport State Park is near the hiking trails, public boat launch, shopping mall and hunting land.

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Georgia Beaches

Plenty to do at the beaches in Georgia

An Introduction to Georgia

Georgia is the state in the southeastern part of United States. The state was established in the year of 1732 and was named after King George of Great Britain. Georgia was also listed as 4th state to endorse the US constitution in year of 1788. City has a population of about 9,687,653 which makes it as the 9th most populated U.S. state. Initially developed as a small state, Georgia has made enormous growth and is now listed as the 2nd fastest growing state in the US after =Texas. Not only this, the state is also famous as the Empire State of South and Peach State.

State of Georgia is surrounded by Florida to the South, South Carolina and Atlantic Ocean in the east, Alabama to the west, North Carolina and Tennessee in the north. The northern part of Georgia is in enclosed in Blue Ridge Mountains, the mountain range in the vast Appalachian mountain system. Brasstown Bald is the highest point in Georgia having a height of 4,784 feet and its lowest point is the sea level.

Having an area of about 59,425, Georgia is listed as the 24th state in size among 50 US states. Georgia is also the 4th largest state to the east of Mississippi River in terms of land area. The state has a subtropical climate with humid and hot summers except at high elevation points. The whole state comprising north Georgia mountains has moderate to high rainfall varying between 45-75 inches. The beautiful weather, high rainfall and other famous attractions make the state as a preferred place for both the tourists and locals alike.

Beaches in Georgia:

Georgia has nearly 100 miles of beaches stretching from the St. Mary River to Port of Savannah. Famous beaches along the seacoast of state include Jekyll Island, St. Mary’s, and Tybee, Cumberland Island National coast, Sapelo Island, St Simons Island, Sea Island, costal towns and many more. Let’s have a look at some well-known Georgia Beaches:

  • Tybee Island

The beach resort barrier island is more tranquil than the other glitzier resorts in south and north, yet it is the great place to have concerts, shopping, live music entertainment and great dining. For the history lovers, the island is also furnished with a historic lighthouse built before the establishment of England. However, a visit to Fort Pulaski and Fort Screven also confirms the history of place.

  • Jekyll Island

This is the largest island with three public beaches and host to Georgia’s beach rentals. Jekyll Island doesn’t offer lifeguard facility at the beach but there are ample to things to do at the beach. On the southern side of Jekyll Island is the most famous St. Andrew picnic area with facility of picnicking and showers. Central Dunes Beach and South Dunes beach are also the other great places for vacationing at Jekyll Island offering dunes and a shower facility.

  • Cumberland Island National seashore

Every year thousands of tourists leave St. Mary and travel to Cumberland Island national seashore. The island is not a glittery destination but is favored by the people who love to spend the vacations in the lap of nature. Cumberland stretches 17 miles in area and contains about 50 miles of nature trails, beaches and fantastic bird watching opportunities. Visitors can also visit historical sites of the Plum Orchard Mansion and African Baptist Church to the north of the island. However, there are lots of camping sites situated through the island by which tourists can enjoy the hunting, star gazing and fishing away from the lights of the city.

  • Savanna Beach Inn

Savanna Beach has much more to discover from ranging from its natural surroundings to its history. The mood of the island at beach is laid-back and is a wonderful romantic beach locale. The beach inn offers picnic baskets and gourmet breakfast for the Savannah Beach. It also offers cheese and wine in the afternoon and milk and cookies before bed. Located just few steps from the healthiest beach in the USA, it is the complete with a southern wrap terrace.

  • Callaway Gardens

This garden are the popular spot for the Georgia beach holidays and boasts the biggest man-made inland white sand beach in the world. Callaway is the fun center for kids with massive playgrounds, along with badminton, riverboats and golf. Although, this beach is man-made but offers the number of things to do & see and remains to be one of nicest in the Georgia.

  • The king Prince Golf and Beach Resort

On the St. Island, the romantic resort celebrates 75years since its inception. The golf and beach resort is on the National Register of Historical Places and is also the member of Historical Hotels of America. The beach resort is furnished with beach cottages, oceanfront rooms and the cabana rooms offer romantic beach side massages in The Royal Treatment Cottage.

  • St. Simon’s Island

St. Simon Island is situated at the entrance of the harbors at Brunswick and Darien. The historic lighthouse of St. Simon’s was built in year 1810 and later in 1872 after the destruction of the original structure during the World War. St. Simon’s is a small retreat island off the shore of Georgia and is easily reachable from Brunswick, Georgia. The charming island, its atmosphere and mood make it a popular tranquil vacation location. The island can also be reached from 2 large bridges which separate the island from the mainland.

The scenery on the island is a naturally arising beach landscape. Palm trees, green grass and oak trees are visible through the island.

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Maryland Beaches

Frolic in the merry beaches of Maryland

Maryland, a snapshot:

Maryland is a US state located in the Mid-Atlantic region and is also the 7th US state to endorse the constitution. The state is also famous for 3 nicknames like Old Line State, Chesapeake Bay State and Free State. Maryland is also named after the famous Queen Henrietta Maria. Baltimore is the capital of Maryland.

The state has an overall area of 12,406,69 square miles which is equal to area of the European country, Belgium. Maryland is also geographically the 42nd biggest state and 9th smallest state in the U.S. Also, famous for another nickname “America in Miniature” meaning the place with great variety of geography. Not only this, this state is also prominent for tidal wetlands which have the biggest estuary and water feature in the world. Maryland also features Hoye Crest on Backbone Mountain that is the biggest point and is also well-liked by tourists.

Maryland has varying climate depending on the elevation, water levels but the area remains hot and humid in the summer season; mild to cool in the winter season while making it as the best place to be visited by tourists. Maryland is also one of good places for those wish to relax after long working hours.


Beaches in Maryland:

The Maryland beaches are world famous as tourist destination. These beaches attract millions of visitors every year to engage in numerous beach activities like fishing, kayaking, sunbathing and much more. A lot of visitors are also attracted to beach and bay experiences that Maryland beaches offer. On the bay side, crabs are the sought after seafood cuisine.

Some of well-known beaches in Maryland are:

  • Ocean City

Ocean City of Maryland has a small living population which increases manifold during the summer vacations. Nowadays, Ocean City has become the dream destination of tourists from all over the world. A mile of white dazzling sand stretches continuously along the clear water offers the Great Avenue for people to burrow their feet in. Kids can also engage in making sand castles on the beaches to enjoy their time. While, on the beach people usually hit the three mile long boardwalk, they can bike, ride the train or walk for covering the whole area. It is the time when you can forget your diet plans and indulge in scrumptious seafood at beach. Popcorn, fries, luxurious meals and salt water taffy at restaurants add to a great dining experience. The sunset and sunrise over Ocean City beach are stunning vistas. There are also a lot of other things to explore on the beach like the Downtown historical area and museum. The Ocean City also has one another famous beach named as Assateague.

  • Assateague

The island is just eight miles away from Ocean City in the south and is a great spot to be in contact with the nature. The national seashore of Assateague Island is a good location to enjoy natural area for surfing, swimming or shell collection at beach. Assateague also has natural exhibits and wild ponies to enjoy at beach. Visitors can also enjoy bicycle rides and bike trails in the natural environment of the beach. Surf fishing is also the one of main activities on this beach and is very popular pastime. Partake is also one of famous destination located on the eastern shores offering the activity of shell fishing and crabbing in back days.

North Beach

  • North Beach has continuously attracted the visitors from number of years. North Beach has a lot to present in terms of poetry and pasta. This beach is also famous by the name of ‘Little Italy’. It has also some of the liveliest bars and nightclubs. The beach also offers lot of other cuisine like French, Japanese and French though Italian cuisine always tends to dominate the food scene on the beach. The Broadway remains perennially energetic with strip and neon clubs which add to the vivid social history and culture of the place. The beach has a lot of other things to offer for a pleasurable evening and a relaxed day out. Clubbing, historic landmarks, house-roasted espressos – the list of activities which takes place here are just endless.
  • Atlantic Ocean

Since the year of 1950, the city has continuously fascinated tourists from all over the globe, with six miles of pristine Jersey coastline and a number of bars, casinos, restaurants providing entertainment. Also known as the ‘Las Vegas of the East Coast’, Atlantic Ocean beach has many casinos than any other place in Mississippi. In the heart of the beach town is the world-famous boardwalk featuring unique shopping, carnival style piers and all the things from museums, aquariums to luxury boutiques and street performers. On the beach, people can also play volleyball, enjoy picnics, surf or simply lie back and relax. Given, there is an abundance of gambling venues, the happening nightlife makes the ocean a heaven for adults while there is a range of child-friendly activities like rides, arcade games on piers and so forth.

  • Wildwoods

With about 400 restaurants, 5 miles of free beaches, 3 amusement piers; Wildwoods is ranked as the number 1 beach in the city. Made from 3 interconnecting beaches like Wildwood Crest, North Wildwood and Wildwood, this beach offers a number of enjoyment options. Some of the things to do at this beach include three beachfront water parks, rides, nightclubs, Disneyland, shopping. biking trails, walking trails around a two mile long boardwalk, a game of miniature golf, roller coasters, go-karting tracks and savoring cheesesteak. When the sun sets, the beach offers talent shows, free concerts and fireworks every Friday.

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Career in foods

1. Overview of the career

Description of the food technologist

A food technologist is a person who works in the food processing industry and develops healthy food products. He must know how to preserve food and package them. Harmful additives in the food are reduced in order to make them safe.

A food technologist can go to restaurants and food processing plants to make sure that they follow safety regulation and have sanitation codes. Several years of experience is needed in this field.

2. Types of careers

Range of careers in food technology

For a candidate to get a job in the field, he must know about food packaging and preparation. The sanitation codes and safety codes must be known to him.

Food technologists can work in factories to observe processing and packaging. After gaining some experience, they can work for government agencies to perform investigations. These investigations are performed in restaurants, bars and markets. In the beginning of their career, the food technologists can work in factories and move into bigger organization later.

3. Skills needed for the field

Food Technologist career path

The skills needed for a food technologist are

  • Interpersonal skills are needed
  • He must have a sound knowledge of science and mathematics.
  • Working as a part of the team is needed.
  • He must be able to report problems.
  • He must test the quality of the food.
  • Nutritional information must be provided for food labeling.
  • Conducting experiments is necessary.
  • Machinery must be designed in producing food in large quantities.

4. Salaries given

Salaries of a food technologist

The average salary of a food technologist is $63,000.

The salary can also depend on the qualification of the candidate and his skills and the workplace.

5. Career Options

Food technologist Career Information

Employment opportunities for this field are plenty in number due to the companies looking for alternatives to preserve their food.

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Oahu Beaches

Take the family along for a fun-filled, relaxing vacation to the Oahu Beaches

Oahu in Brief:

Oahu, called as gathering place, is the 3rd biggest city of Hawaiian island and also the most populated island in the US state of Hawaii. Including smaller close-in offshore islands like Ford Island, islands in the Kaneohe Bay & off the Windward Coast, the city has total land area of about 596.7 square miles, making it the 20th leading island in US. In the highest dimension, the volcanic island is 71 km long and 48 km wide across. The length of the shoreline is 365 km. This Hawaiian island is a result of two separate shield volcanoes i.e. Ko‘olau and Wai‘anae with a broad valley lying between them. The biggest point is Mt. Ka’ala in the Wai‘anae range, rising up to 4,004 feet above the sea level. The Hawaiian island is home to 953,208 people with approx. 755 of the people living on the city side of island.

Beaches in Oahu:

The Oahu Island has big coastline of about 112 miles with diverse beaches and offering something for every person from snorkeling, swimming, scuba diving, surfing, kayaking, windsurfing to quiet beaches to laze on. Most beaches on the island are sandy and have offshore coral reefs. While, some beaches have less or no sand but are nonetheless are popular like the Shark’s Cove, a famous snorkeling and diving location in the summer months.

Oahu is also home to the famous Waikiki beach, which is visited all the year round. North shore beaches in Oahu like the Sunset Beach, Banzai Pipeline And Waimea Beach are among one of popular surfing beaches in world, where waves can get as high as 12m during the winter season. And Hanauma Bay on the southeastern shore is listed as the best snorkeling beach on the Hawaiian Island. Let’s have a brief look at some of the best beaches in the city:

North Shore

North Shore is known for huge winter swells and world class surfing venues. During the winter season, waves reach a height of 26 to 31 feet too. The summer season is in contrast cool, with flat conditions ideal for snorkeling and swimming.

  • Ehukai beach Park – This place presents the access to three famous surfing areas like Pipeline, Ehukai Beach and Banzai. The beach is recognized for high winter waves, drawing dedicated surfers and body boarders. Pipeline is about 100 yards to the left side of Ehukai. The sharpness of the winter waves cause a crest of waves to fall forward, making a perfect tube. Surfing inside the tube or shooting the tube is a valued challenge for expert/professional surfers. The beach also arranges world championship wave contests because of the strong waves. During the winter season, surf fans and surfers covet the beach in the hope of seeing a surfer grab the perfect waves.
  • Ideal for snorkeling, surfing and diving, Pupukea Beach has two main areas that are easily reachable i.e. Three Tables and Shark’s Cove. Shark’s Cove is situated at the north side, with its caverns popular for both night and daytime diving. Three tables, named after three flat segments of reef observable at the low tide, is situated at the south of the beach. It offers the finest snorkeling opportunity in the whole island due to the abundance of sea life and fish.
  • Sunset Beach – This beachis well-known for the vast surf, with waves attaining a fantastic height of 16-21 feet from the months of September to April; swimming is safe only during the summer season. At any given time, Sunset Beach draws the attention of sunbathers, visitors and local surfers.
  • Waimea Bay – The beach has one of the biggest waves, during the winter season and the waves provide endless challenges to body boarders through the inner shore, with waves reaching a height of 11to 13 feet. The variation in summer and winter surf at beach is as marked as day and night. During the summer season, slow swimmers enjoy placid and crystal clear waters of the beach, while the winter season attracts the famous body boarders & surfers.
  • Malaekahana Beach State Recreation Area- This is the mile long white sandy beach living up to everyone’s image of a perfect beach. Malaekahana is the perfect location for swimming and on weekdays, this beach is completely vacant, making a good mood for fishing or swimming or playing the Robinson Crusoe game. Facilities offered at the beach include the restrooms, picnic tables, barbecue grills, parking and outdoor showers.

To get to the beach, take the highway number 83, just two miles north of the Polynesian Cultural Center. After reaching the main gate, there is one wooded beach park from where bus number 52 will take you to the beach.

 West Shore

The west shore has various fantastic beaches. West shore is famous for offshore fishing locations. Winter months offer large waves, which can reach up to a height of 16 feet.

  • Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve’s- This is the white sandy beach stretching to a height of 2000 feet lined by coconut trees. This crescent shaped bay guards snorkelers and swimmers so that beginners can also enjoy vibrant sea life across the beach.
  • Sandy Beach – Having the length of 1200 feet with a bottom which drops suddenly by 8-10 feet instantly offshore, this beach is among one of premier bodysurfing locations in Oahu. The beach creates hard breaking and steep waves which increases during the summer season.
  • When the north swells or big west are running, the waves at Makaha Beach offer some of the best spectacular and hazardous surfing sites found nowhere else around the globe. The winter season has a lot of coastline erosion due to the heavy surf. But in the summer season, the sand returns making the gorgeous, wide beach with oceanic conditions, suitable for snorkeling and swimming.
  • Nanakuli Beach – The beach is divided into two segments, Kalanianaole and Piliokahe with a small Hawaiian farmstead separating the two sections. The Kalananaole segment is the most popular section, 125 feet wide and 500 feet long. The water is very calm here during the summer season making it afamous diving spot for novices. The Piliokahe segment is located on the sea cliff above a small cove. During summer seasons, this small pocket beach offers a good swimming area. The deeper water at the beach is well-liked by both snorkelers and divers.
  • Yokohama Bay – This is also called as Puau Beach and Kewwaula Beach is the great place for shore fishing, hiking and picnicking. The surf is quiet during summer season and is a popular location for swimming, diving, shell collecting and snorkeling. But when the surf is high, the beach is the place to view the excitement of surf.
  • Ko Olina Resort and Marina- On the Leeward Coast, there are man-made lagoons made for KO Olina Resort, which is home to Aulani, a Disney spa & resort and J.W. Marriott Ihilani Spa & Resort. These are perfect spots for families. Restrooms, showers and parking are available here.

South Shore

This coastline is famous for the number of family beaches situated here. Activities like tide pooling, snorkeling and swimming are among the entertainment activities for families, picnicking next to the beach.

  • Ala Moana Beach – One of the popular beaches among the local people, this 76 acre park is busy with joggers, tennis players, rollerbladers, picnickers, fisherman, kite flyers, sunbathers, surfers and swimmers on holidays, weekends and through the summer season.
  • Waikiki Beach- Stretching one and half mile wide along the coastline of Waikiki, often called as Single Beach, Waikiki Beach is actually the collection of adjoining beaches, each having its own characteristics, and mainly popular for sunbathing, swimming, surfing and snorkeling. One of well-liked areas is the Kuhio Beach, which contains a low retaining wall built to keep the sand from eroding.

East Shore

The windward side has flourishing tropical beach locations, which are most loved locations for kite flyers, sailing and wind enthusiasts. However, the northeast Tradewinds keep the place cool 90 % of the year.

  • Lanikai Beach- is the mile-long beach which is perfect for sailing, windsurfing and swimming. Offshore, Mokulua, two small islands nominated as seabird sanctuaries are the famous destination for kayakers.
  • Voted as the No. 1 beach in US by Dr. Beach in year of 1998. The Kailua Beach is the perfect place for family fun. With 31 acres of Public Park, there are number of ways to spend the day at the beach. Tourists and locals regularly play volleyball, swim, dive, picnic, snorkel and surf at the versatile beach and park.
  • With the constant winds, the beach is among best windsurfing areas in Oahu.

With a three and a half mile strip of white sand, the Waimanalo Beach is among one of longest beaches in the city. Popular with tourists and residents alike, this spacious plot is suitable for all kind of beach activities.

  • Makapuu Beach – This beach is the most popular spot for body boarding and body surfing area in the city. It is also among one of the only beaches in the city where both bodysurfers and body boarders can surf together. The 1000 ft. long white sandy beach is also famous for shooting of John Wayne’s ‘In Harm’s Way’ movie. Summer season brings divers and swimmers to the beach while, the months from September to April are ideal for bodysurfing. Waves frequently reach a height of 12 ft and break hundreds of yards.

Every beach close to city boasts the jewel-toned water, varying from deep azure to crystal clear and presents the variety of water and sports activities to challenge the skill levels of water sport enthusiast and please the beach lovers.

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  • Work Profile:

    Who is a Hotel Sales Manager and what do they do?

    A Hotel Sales Manager is a professional who manages a Hotel, Motel, Resort or any other place similar to this. They are responsible for proper functioning of all the departments within a hotel like hotel reception, rooms, pantry etc. In some hotels, they are also called as General Manager. Hotel Sales Manager Job descriptionalso includes responsibilities like marketing and increasing the sales of the hotel / motel / resort and also make their hotel a popular brand name in the market. They also need to track their competitors and make strategies to attract more customers by offering competitive prices and services. They also manage the whole staff, look after their guests, organize events, catering, sales, marketing etc.


    What are the essential requirements to become a Hotel Sales Manager?

    Education / Training:

  • Completion of High school is must for any kind of Management Course.
  • A Hospitality Management Course is mandatory to become a hotel sales manager.
  • Practical experience in any hotel / motel / resort will be beneficial to get job in a good organization.

Skills required by a Hotel Sales Manager:

The basic skills which are required to become a Hotel Sales Manager are:

  • They should have good communication skills.
  • They should be flexible enough to work 24X7.
  • They should introduce new marketing techniques and increase their client base.
  • They should take care of the reservations of the existing customer’s.
  • They should always deal with clients with a smile on their face and perform their job functions with speed and accuracy.

Professional Growth:

What are the future job prospects for a Hotel Sales Manager?

A Hotel Sales Manager has a large scope of growth in their career as the demand for hotels is increasing day by day. One cannot run their hotels / motels without a Sales manager. Sales Managers are responsible for increasing their client base and providing good services. Their salary range varies from $32,560 to $45,900. They can also earn additional incentives and bonus based on their performance.

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hotel sales manager Job Description

1. Nature of Job:

Who is hotel sales manager and what does he do?

Hotel sales manager is a person who is responsible for the profitability of the business. This is one of the most important and responsible position of the hotel business. It involves attracting huge crowd to the hotel by creating brand image in the hotel industry. Sales managers work involves dealing with many people and it requires to have hospitality background and able to work with numerous kinds of people.

Responsibilities of hotel sales manager:

v  Always find to search the ways to promote business opportunities in the market

v  They identifies the new business opportunities

v  Conducting conferences, events, trade fairs to attract the clients

v  Attracting the business clients to get orders for weddings, receptions, events, parties, sports tournaments and local festivals.

v  Sales promotional activities to increase the hotel sales

v  Training, managing and motivating the sales professionals

2. Qualifications and Expertise Required:

What are the qualifications and skills required for hotel sales manager job?

Education / Training:

v  Should have a minimum bachelor’s degree in management and social sciences

v  Most of the employers prefer hotel management professionals with experience

v  Certification in hotel management software will be an added advantage

v  Minimum experience of hotel operations or hospitality industry is necessary


v  Have good problem solving techniques

v  Have the knowledge of event management

v  Possess strong marketing skills

v  Should able to satisfy the clients

v  Strong knowledge of the hotel industry

v  Should able to meet the targets

v  Have strong communication skills

v  Need to be a good team player or team member

v  Should able to work under stress full conditions

3. Career Growth:

What is the future growth of hotel sales manager job?

v  Hotel sales manager is a challenging job and it is having many job opportunities in hospitality industry and service sector

v  Sales manager need to work with accounts managers, administrative staff, sales team and supervisors

v  Experienced sales manager can be promoted as a sales director and general manager of hotel

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Hotel general manager Job Description

1. Nature of Work

Who is a hotel general manager and what does he do?

A hotel general manager is the person in charge to develop strategies to promote the hotel, increase clients database, increase employee and customer loyalty and most important develop all the strengths and work plans for the weakness of the hotel.


  • Working closely with customers once they are satisfied by the services
  • Develop strategies for advertising and promotion
  • Find out the potential customers
  • Report sales to accounting and finance.

2. Qualifications and Expertise required

Education/Training for hotel general manager

  • The candidate must have completed bachelor’s degree in politics and economics
  • It is essential to have master’s degree in business management
  • Customer service
  • Marketing
  • Hospitality


  • Sales
  • Communication
  • Writing and reading
  • Initiative
  • Listening

Hotel general manager must know all processes and procedures of the hotel and will be in charge to handle important information and its required innovation to survive and compete with other hotels. Delegate will be the key of success only if the company has an excellent human capital.

3. Career Growth

Future prospects for hotel general manager

Hotel general manager must have done with bachelor or professional study will also be helpful to grow as a professional in the hotel market that is very competitive now days. To obtain a better job position and salary must understand the wants and needs of each customer and owners, also need to evaluate the environment and the variable that affect hotel sales and fame. Around the world, there are thousands of opportunities to work, study or events to improve talent and develop.

For further information about hotel general manager job description click here

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